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Virus & Malware Cleanup

Viruses and Malware: Fun Stopper.

Pop-ups, Fake Virus warnings, non-stop advertisements, Trojans that steal passwords… On Windows machines, we have all had some type of an infection at some point. Since we rely on our computers it can ruin your day when a machine becomes unusable due to virus or malware infection. It can also be nerve-wracking since we store sensitive information on our computers, we do not want to lose that data, or have a stranger prying through our private documents.

Clean Your Computer, Get Back to Work!

If you still have an active Internet connection sometimes you can fix these annoyances yourself. Download Malwarebytes Removal tool, install and run a full scan. You can read this article for detailed instructions.

If that does not do the trick for you, call us (phone 413-536-5044) and we’ll diagnose whether we can be resolve the issue for you remotely or if the computer has to come into the office for cleanup.

How Did I Get This Junk?

These infections are getting sneakier. Sometimes you do not even have to run a program or open an attachment to activate a virus or malware infection. Popular websites like Yellowpages, Superpages, Yahoo, Facebook and more can have advertisements embedded that have malicious code injected that exploit security holes on your computer. This makes casual browsing potentially a dangerous affair!

If you are unsure of where a link might lead, resist the temptation and try to do a little learning before clicking. Are you on a trustworthy site? Who posted the link and where will it take you? Is the site you’re headed to trustworthy as well? Be mindful of the sites you visit and the items you click on.

Then we have the often-preached, rarely followed, time tested rules for email attachments: Do not open attachments from people you do not know or you did not ask for. Do not even open attachments from friends when you do not know what the file is. Especially movie files! Never play movies attached to emails… Seriously. A link to Youtube is fine, click on it! A movie attached to an email? Never okay.

Read this article for more details on how you can get infected and ways to prevent it.

Get Proactive – Stop Infections Before They Start

Here’s a few quick pieces of advice to help prevent infections in the first place:

  1. Install an Antivirus (Recommended: Microsoft Security Essentials, FREE)
  2. Surf safer: Install Firefox or Google Chrome – Stop using Internet Explorer
  3. Install Adblock for Firefox or Adblock for Chrome
  4. Always have a backup of your data in case something happens!
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