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Repairs & Troubleshooting

Get Back Up and Running Quickly

Is your computer slowing down lately? Are you getting error messages or the famous “Blue Screen of Death” forcing your computer to reboot? No matter what the weirdness is, let us help you get back up and running quickly. We know that downtime costs your business money and you need to stay productive. Our experienced techs can quickly diagnose your problem and provide you with solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Why Is This Happening?

Typical computer problems might be unexpected hard drive or other equipment failure, software configuration errors, unexpected results from automatic Windows updates, third-party software conflicts and much more. If your computer will not turn on, Windows is caught in a reboot cycle, or you are getting “Operating System Not Found” messages we will get you back up and running fast and optimize your system for peak performance.

Many computer problems can even be easily diagnosed remotely as long as your computer is still booting and has an active Internet connection. Learn more.

Save Your Music, Pictures, Documents, and more!

Unlike your local “computer shop” our experts go to every effort to keep your data intact, and restore functionality to like-new condition without removing any of your personal data. In the event that we do have to erase any amount of personal data, we would never do so without getting explicit permission from you and explaining the reason why it is necessary. We know how much your data matters to you – that is why you want your computer back after all.

Get Proactive: Avoid Disasters

Our team has extensive experience proactively helping small businesses protect themselves in the event of a data disaster. Circumstances beyond your control, like insidious virus/malware infections, theft, fire, flood, electrical surge, or hardware failure can all lead to data loss. With appropriate data backup and hardware redundancies you can carry on productively in spite of unexpected calamity. Contact us to setup a consultation to prevent a computer emergency from stopping you in your tracks.

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