Google No More, Bloo Is My Support!

Bloo’s strength is excellent communication and responsiveness. I love that I can email my questions or issue and know I will be getting a reply from a qualified tech immediately. Also, if it’s more than I can put in words, you are a phone call away – and you actually answer the phone and take action quicker than I ever could have done myself.

Partnering with Bloo Solutions is the best investment we’ve made. Local is key. No worrying about a different time zone! The amount of time saved is eye-opening. I have plenty of other things I need to be doing instead of troubleshooting our computers.

They’ve provided help with PCI compliance and the security implications that go along with that. We know how vital this is to our business, but did not realize how much time we spent on compliance tasks until Bloo took that burden from us.

I honestly feel we can trust Bloo Solution's guidance in making our way through this world of technology. I could go on and on…. truthfully! You guys are great! I’m very happy Dean connected with you. You’ve made my “IT” job pretty much non-existent…thank you!!

Julie Caverly Office Manager, Chicopee Mason Supply Chicopee

Being Proactive with Our IT Saved Us Money

When it comes to IT solutions and support, we definitely value experience over price. No one likes to spend money on “preventative IT”, but over 15 years or so of working with Bloo we have come to realize that being proactive is really a necessity in this climate. It is an investment in our business, not an expense. Also, you get what you pay for.

Bloo is unique when it comes to IT firms in that they take the time to learn and understand our business in order to provide customized consultation and advice. That alone is invaluable. A prime example is when Jeremiah and his team at Bloo Solutions moved us from reactive to proactive (or managed) IT support which saved us money short and long-term. It was an overall net savings when downtime and lack of productivity were factored into the mix. Our systems run smoothly since moving to the “managed” model. Like any other business owner, I was not excited about having to spend money every month on IT but since we did, it's become an indispensable part of our business.

I think a company that doesn’t move to managed IT is subjecting itself to considerable risks and unexpected costs in the long run. If you want peace of mind, call Bloo Solutions today – you won’t regret it!

Bob Lefebvre Managing Partner
Gelinas & Lefebvre, P.C.

I Wish We Had Called Bloo Years Sooner!

Bloo Solutions gives us priceless peace of mind having a professional, responsible experts maintaining our network. This allows us to focus on our work, instead of dealing with IT problems.  We assumed IT support like this was only for huge-budget, large companies. Bloo showed us the budget can be reasonable and the service is outstanding!

Thanks to Bloo Solutions’ proactive support, we no longer deal with daily or recurring annoyances but we can count on a super quick response if an issue does arise.

I wish we had called Bloo years sooner. Now we are partnered with a great group of people that allow us to focus on our business.

John Lemanski Owner, Sign Techniques
Inc. Chicopee, MA