Are you looking for a reliable IT partner with reasonable prices?

Bloo Solutions provides comprehensive
managed IT services in Springfield, MA.

With our team, you’ll get:


  •         Top-notch IT services
  •         Personalized approach
  •         100% satisfaction guaranteed
  •         Diverse customer-oriented payment plans
  •         Over 20 years of experience
  •         Access to experts in a variety of niches, including cybersecurity and compliance
  •         Reasonable prices
  •         An average response time of under 10 minutes


Our Managed IT Services for small businesses in Springfield, MA include everything from remote support to on-site support, network consulting, and custom software development. We are passionate about technology and helping businesses succeed.

Whether you already have a small internal IT team or looking for assistance, you may have heard about managed IT services. As a leading managed IT company in Springfield, Bloo Solutions is always looking for opportunities to improve its clients’ bottom line.

Managed IT Services in Springfield, MA

Small and midsize businesses in New England tend to struggle with supporting a large internal IT team. Hiring new experts is costly and time-consuming. That’s where managed IT services come in.

By hiring an IT managed service provider in Springfield, MA, you can get the following services:


  •         24/7 hours support for all your IT-related issues.
  •         Access to expertise and professional advice.
  •         Hardware and software support
  •         Proactive assistance
  •         Customized payment models
  •         And much more


Our managed IT company is a partner that offers you a set of highly demanded IT services for a fraction of the price of hiring new team members.

Our experts focus on taking the burden off your internal team, allowing it to focus on core tasks. Meanwhile, we take care of all the aspects of IT for your company, monitor compliance issues, stay on top of the latest trends, and give you peace of mind about cybersecurity.

Bloo Solutions’ Springfield IT Services

Managed IT Services

 We have a team of experts that handles all the IT tasks you decide to outsource. From hardware breakdowns and software troubleshooting to network security and industry compliance, you can be sure that your IT functions are in the right hands.

Data Backup and Recovery

Whether you are working with sensitive customer data or just want to protect your internal information, you need robust data backup and recovery plans. Bloo Solutions makes sure your data stays safe at all times. We also develop foolproof disaster recovery plans.

Network Security

We make sure that access to all files, directories, and other data on your network is limited to authorized users. Our team of security experts protects your data from hacking, misuse, and unauthorized access.

VoIP Services

We take care of all your communication channels, helping you enjoy the fastest and most reliable internal and external interactions. With our VoIP services, you can forget about communication issues both in and out of the office.

Cloud Computing

Whether you are planning to migrate to the cloud or need help setting up your business on remote servers, we are here to help. We take care of installation, maintenance, security, data protection, and troubleshooting.


Working in the virtual realm doesn’t just save you time and money on hardware. It’s an excellent way to organize remote operations within your company. Our experts can help you set up the virtual environment and keep it in top shape.

IT Consulting

Even small startups face a variety of choices in the IT realm. Our experienced consultants can take you through many stages of your IT journey. You can get valuable advice and a full understanding of how to proceed.

Email/Spam Protection

Cyberattacks are a serious threat to a business of any size. The majority of hackers manage to infiltrate networks through phishing emails. Our team can help keep your network and data safe by installing security tools and training your employees.

Why Choose Bloo Solutions Managed IT Services?

When you are looking for reliable Springfield IT services, you may be getting a variety of offers. In reality, only a couple of companies can offer you a comprehensive set of high-quality services.

Bloo Solutions is the leading IT managed services provider Springfield, MA, who is always ready to take your IT team to a new level. We work with clients across many industries, giving them an opportunity to improve their company’s bottom line.

Here is what makes us different from the competition:

Tailored plans for each client – we know that each client needs a specific set of IT services. We tailor our service model to your needs in order to save you money while increasing the ROI (Return on Investment)

Top-notch productivity – we don’t just work for you around the clock. We make sure your company works seamlessly without downtime or breakdowns. With our experts at the helm, your IT infrastructure will always be in top shape.

Proactive maintenance – IT assistance isn’t just about fixing whatever is broken. It’s about making sure that it never breaks down in the first place. We prevent problems before they appear, ensuring smooth operation and supporting the stellar reputation of your company.

100% satisfaction guaranteed – our company has been on the market for over 20 years. We are happy to say that the retention rate is higher than 99%. This means our clients are fully satisfied with our services.

IT experts – our team receives special training in all aspects of IT services we provide. From network security and disaster recovery plans to hardware breakdowns and software research, you can be sure that you are getting expert assistance and opinions.

Speed – when an IT disaster strikes, you need help ASAP. That’s why our team is only a phone call away. We answer questions within 10 minutes of any inquiry, making sure all your problems are solved ASAP.

Bloo Solutions is a reliable IT partner with decades of experience in the Springfield market. If you need a hand with your IT functions, we are always here to help!

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